20 Euros and a mp3 Player

20 Euros and an mp3 player

rubbish mp3

Marc is in a safe bed.  Another child in residence had some foreign currency and an mp3 player.  Marc asked the child about it and was told that the mp3 player came from staff.  Since Marc is home bound, when everyone else went on an outing, he stayed behind with staff.

Guess what disappeared?

The others came back to the house, and the child discovered that the items were missing.  Social workers were called.  Marc called the social worker a lot of interesting things and said that “dad was going to fire her…”  or something to that affect.  The police were called.

The police searched Marc’s room and couldn’t find anything.  Marc was busy blaming another child.

The social worker searched Marc’s room and found the mp3 player hidden in a structural component of the building. :)  Imagine that!

The money couldn’t be found.

So Marc tried to tell the police that the social worker planted the mp3 player.

Clever little bugger isn’t he?

After the police left, and the social worker left, Marc gave up the money.  But not after an extensive series of lies as to its location.

For the record, we don’t see ourselves as heroes.  We are ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations.

Like many other parents, we feel success and failure in any given day regarding what our children do.

I was asked once if I would adopt Marc again, if I knew then what I know now about him.  Easy question to answer.  Yes.  I would.  He is worth it.  He deserves a family just like any other child.

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