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National Adoption Day

Today, November 22nd, is National Adoption Day.

Celebrate the finding of forever families everywhere.

A message from the Dave Thomas Foundation.



Here is a link to the National Adoption Day website

Here is a link to the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

A bit of history about my family.

My brother and I are adopted.  Marc, the person for whom this blog is written is also adopted.

Not everyone who adopts a child is faced with the challenges that we have experienced with Marc.  Would I do it again?



Just say No to Black Friday

I don’t know.  It seems to me that we are losing something in the holiday season.  I remember as a kid, not having the most expensive toys, not having all of the latest toys and not having my mom or dad in traction because they ventured into the madness that is known as Black Friday.…Continue Reading

Was mental illness Blaec Lammers’ only crime? –

Has society gone too far in de-institutionalization? Prison is not the place for our son to get any sort of help with his mental illness. Do I agree with the parents?  Yes.  They were afraid for their son’s life.  Did he deserve prison for this purchase? Do we pro-actively lock away people because they might…Continue Reading

Conversations with Marc

Marc called today.  wanting to know what he could do to complete his treatment. So I began explaining it to him. He needs to work his treatment plan.  He needs to be safe. He needs to eat what he is fed and not refuse meals. The thing to remember with Marc, is that he remembers…Continue Reading

‘Tis the season

Coming up we have Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. With Marc being so far away from home, and my health rather precarious, I don’t think that we will make it out there for more a weekend pass.  I have one scheduled for the first weekend in December.  It isn’t much, but it is better than nothing.…Continue Reading

Woman tells police she tossed child off bridge –

Woman tells police she tossed child off bridge –   Stories like this, just break my heart.  So many people would love this child as their own, and here the mom throws him away like so much rubbish. R.I.P. Little Man.  You deserved so much more from this life.   Cherish your loved ones.…Continue Reading

Our journey with a mentally ill son | Losing Miles

Our journey with a mentally ill son | Losing Miles. =========================== I read other blogs about kids like Marc whenever I can.  This blog is worth reading. Follow the link above. So much like our son. Sadly, Marc is not unique in his struggles with Reactive Attachment Disorder and the other things he has going…Continue Reading

Feeling helpless with Mental Illness.

There are days when I feel utterly helpless when it comes to Marc.  He is 500 miles from home.   Last week we celebrated Marc attaining a new level in his care plan.  He has been doing very well. Then came the self-doubt.  The “I am not good enough” thoughts.  And the treatment sabotage began.…Continue Reading


a 14 year old boy shot in the face during the recent school shooting in Washington state forgives the boy who shot him. If we can’t forgive each other when we are upset, what are we losing? the boy in Washington can no longer play football, and has severe facial damage. He will undergo further…Continue Reading

the good stuff

Dear readers, as many of you know through the writings here, Marc has been in residential placement.  He is on his third major placement and like 10th or 11th minor placement.  Major is facilities where he has stayed for more than 30 days, and minor are all of the others. This past week was a…Continue Reading