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Taking a Chance on Faith

Taking a Chance on Faith

English: "Faith" and "Hope"
English: “Faith” and “Hope” in stained glass, Llandenny church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a lot of prayer, we are going to try a visit away from the safety and comfort that being in close proximity to the facility provides us.  This is about taking a chance.

We are going to take a chance on faith that he is stable.  This weekend, we are going to travel to the city to get David and take him for a 6 hour pass.  That pass isn’t going to bring him home.  Rather we are traveling to see his sister and give her some things that she forgot when she was home for Easter from college.

A chance.

I don’t know what we are going to feel.  I don’t know how to feel about this.  I just know that with deep prayer and meditation we are going to try.  David had a rough day yesterday and hit one of his peers, so I am under no illusions that we will see perfect behavior.  I’d settle for him just being an average teenager.  It’s a chance that we are willingly going to take.

I don’t know if this will bring him closer to coming home or not.  This is about a chance.

A chance for hope.

I am putting my faith in the people who have been helping him through this difficult period in his life.  Are we wrong to have hope?

Whether you are a person of faith, a believer in strong positive thoughts, or someone who prefers not to share how they feel, please keep us in your thoughts.  Pray that we have a good family visit this weekend.  That our time together will begin the process of repairing the damage his behaviors and our reactions to them have caused, caused a rift to develop in our home.  He deserves better from us, and we deserve better from ourselves and from him.

I have to believe that he is meant for more than this.  And that through our trials, we are also meant for more.

Thank you.


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