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Evan Rachel Wood says Vanity Fair made her feel like ‘meat’ | Fox News —- a message to young ladies everywhere

Evan Rachel Wood says Vanity Fair made her feel like ‘meat’ | Fox News.


I sometimes come across online articles that make me ponder humanity.  I don’t know.  I guess I have little tolerance for haters.

This actress posts about how she FELT during a photo shoot.  Something that was very personal for her to share.  Yet people are attacking her saying that she should feel privileged and stop complaining about being on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

It seems to me that they missed the purpose of her postings entirely.

So she had to explain it to them.  I’ll let my readers peruse the article for themselves.  But a comment from me as a parent of two young ladies.

I applaud Miss Wood for coming out about this.  I can’t imagine living in a fish bowl such as celebrity would bring.  Let alone to be a female in that world.  It seems to me that life is hard enough for anyone at that age.

I give my girls props for being the strong independent young ladies that they are.  Standing for what they believe in.  Asking for help when they need it.

Thank you Miss Wood for sharing your personal thoughts on this subject, so that some other young lady can pursue their dreams with a hint of understanding about what they may endure.

It is a sad fact of our reality that such a message is even needed.  Thank you Miss Wood for sharing a piece of yourself.  To the haters, jealous much?



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