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From Survival to Serenity: Educating About RAD

For those wondering, I run across posts on other sites that I think are good for my readers.  I have a tool that lets me link directly to the article I like.  That is what you see when you see the links like this one.  thanks ~ Carl   From Survival to Serenity: Educating AboutContinue Reading

A response to events in Ferguson – a teachable moment

My son is African-American.  I could care less.  All I care about is that he is my son. That said, how would I feel if he was shot and killed?  Of course, I would be heartbroken. So how do I talk to him about the events in Ferguson, Mo?  Or do I?  He is affectedContinue Reading

Hope – for peace in his heart

Marc is really struggling over the last 24 hours.  A majority of it is his response to his primary staff leaving.  That he formed that strong a bond with someone is important.  So while I understand that his behaviors are negative right now, maybe we need to look at it from a different angle. HeContinue Reading