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an update about our favorite special ed teacher

Moonlit SignOur favorite teacher, you may remember her, I wrote about her vendetta against my wife a year ago last Spring.  She doesn’t think that Marc should be allowed out in public school.  And made mention of the fact that he ruined her child’s first grade education…  yeah.  Her post is here.

At any rate, this teacher changed schools so she is no longer teaching in the same district as my wife.  Which means, she should no longer be making life hell for Marc’s mom.

The new district has no idea of this teacher’s professional life.  Has no idea of the things she has done in the past.  So my objective in the next legislative session is to advocate for legislation in our state that makes the teacher’s record follow the teacher.

In our state, the hiring authority can call current and previous employers.  All they can “legally say” is that the person worked there.  Unless that person has a criminal record.

I offered to share this blog as a history of sorts, but in actuality, Marc had very little interaction with this teacher.  One of her children was in his grade while he attended public school for a short time here.  Our primary issue with this teacher is her complete lack of professionalism.  Plus, I could share stories about things that she has said and done in her last district.  But there isn’t enough space on the Internet for all of that information.

The new district that she works in hired her in good faith.  I pray that she changes her ways.  I think that given her knowledge she could be an asset to any district.  But before that can happen, she needs to take a long hard look at herself.

Everyone deserves a second chance, I hope that she takes this and does some good with it.

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