I now pronounce sentence. 72 hours and a prayer

The appeal to Medicaid to further fund services has been denied.

As a result, I will be picking up David from the facility on Monday.  We then come home to begin a new chapter in our lives as a family.

We had an IEP meeting for him this morning.

Short term he will be homebound working on school materials supplied by the district. Long term we are applying to a day program for him.

During the IEP meeting we got a look into the life of David.

  1. Minimum five hours a week of intensive group therapy.
  2. Weekly individual therapy.
  3. Weekly family therapy.
  4. He is in a self-contained classroom for all but two classes. Those two classes are Art and Physical Education.
  5. His therapist makes regularly daily contact throughout each day to ensure that David knows she is checking on how he is doing.
  6. He has 24×7 staff support of some kind.
  7. Staff has to keep eyes on him at all times.
  8. He needs constant redirects to keep on task.

I can’t recreate this environment in my home.  It just isn’t possible.  We asked for 45 days to transition him home.  We were given 72 hours.

This is a recipe for disaster.  I pray that I am wrong, but I don’t think that I am.  I give us 2 weeks before all hell breaks loose in our home.  It might not take that long.

Please, pray for our family.  brokenI am thankful for this book “Get Your Joy Back”  it has helped me this past week as we have struggled to put some kind of plan in place to support David during this period.  By supporting David, our whole family will be supported as well.


Today I ask for strength in getting through this period successfully.  Honestly, I have nothing left but prayer and Hope.

Lord, I give our lives over to you.  That we may see what your plan for our son is, and through him your plan for us.  Please forgive me my short comings in the coming weeks as I rally against the system that has abandoned our son and our family.  Through your strength and goodness, we will survive. Through these trying times in our life, please lift us in your heavenly embrace.  So that my cup may runneth over, rather than act as a sieve.  Amen.