Three years!

We have been here for three years.  We had started initially as a way of documenting our struggle with the school district to educate our son Marc.  Now, we are writing about our struggles with the PRTF care facility where he lives.

In the end, he is what could be called stable.  Stable for him is completely different from what stable would be for you and I.

Thank you for reading.

Four years.  :) on one hand that is exciting, on the other hand, it is a shame that after four years we are still struggling to get Marc appropriate services where he needs them, rather than where someone else thinks that they should be.  Here is a link to the very first post!  http://whynotfathers.com/2010/11/finding-myself.html

Thank you for sticking with me, and my family.  But thank you most of all for trying to understand Marc and the struggles that he has faced.